Saturday, July 13, 2013

Antique Image of the Day: "Into the Abyss," 1919

Click on the image to dance with the devil.
Into the Abyss
German, 1919
The Victoria & Albert Museum

After the Great War, Germany became a republic—an idea which was not embraced by some nationalists as well as communists. This poster from 1919 serves to vilify political extremists as well as make a middle-of-the-road democracy seem appealing. The communists are depicted as devils and pied pipers. The rotund clergyman acts as a symbol of those who wished for a return to Imperial Germany.

This is the work of artist Theo Matejko (1893-1946) who produced propaganda posters for the German Democratic Party until 1933. Then he went on to work wholly for the National Socialist [Nazi] Party. Boo! The text “IN DEN ABGRUND” translates to “Into the Abyss.”

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