Saturday, June 1, 2013

At the Music Hall: If I Had a Talking Picture of You, 1929

If I had a talking picture of you,
I would run it every time I felt blue.
I would sit there in the gloom of my lonely little room
And applaud each time you whispered, "I love you; love you."

On the screen the moment you came in view
We would talk the whole thing over, we two.
I would give ten shows a day,
and a midnight matinee,
If I had a talking picture of you. 

"If I Had A Talking Picture Of You" was written in 1929 by Ray Henderson with lyrics by B.G. De Sylva. The popular song nodded to the then-somewhat-new-ish novelty of moving pictures with synchronized sound. The song was featured in the 1929 motion picture, “Sunny Side Up” starring Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell. 

Enjoy this version performed by Marvin which was recorded on October 8, 1929.

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