Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square, Chapter 333

Chapter 333 
Let Him In 

Yes?” Ulrika smiled as she opened the door of Hamish House.

“Pardon me, Miss, I’m lookin’ for Miss Polk.” Johnny Donnan nodded, his hat in his hand.

“Miss Polk doesn’t receive visitors.” Ulrika replied, beginning to close the door.

“She’ll see me. Aye, she will. I’m called Donnan. Johnny Donnan.”

“Oh, yes. I know your name.” Ulrika grinned. “You’re chief among the list of those whom Miss Polk will not see.”

“Why is that?”

“Really?” Ulrika squinted. “I shouldn’t think I’d have to explain that to you.”

“Once she called me, ‘father.’” Johnny answered.

“And, that’s precisely the reason she shouldn’t see you.” Ulrika laughed. “You’re not her father.”

“I’m no one’s father now.” Johnny shook his head.

“Oh…” Ulrika leaned in. “You’re sad. How exciting.”

“My son is dead. My only livin’ kin won’t speak to me even when I done ‘em a good turn. Seems that’s good ‘nough reason for a man to be sad.”

“It’s a glorious reason.” Ulrika cooed. “Your only living family? Would that be the Duke of Fallbridge’s sister?”

“Aye.” Johnny nodded. “The one Miss Polk told me she was.”

“She did a splendid job of it, didn’t she?” Ulrika nodded.

“Fooled me, she did.”

“Brilliant.” Ulrika sighed contentedly. “So, there, you’ve rather answered your own question as to why I can’t let you see Miss Polk. Surely you must hold a grudge against her for her deception…and…the beautiful result therein.”

“Miss, I just come from the kitchens of the Duke of Fallbridge after doin’ a good turn for Lady Fallbridge and the Duke and his doctor wouldn’t even let me speak to the girl. Aye, in fact, she showed no interest in wantin’ to see me at all. Turned her back, she did. Like I weren’t even there.”

“It gives me shivers to think of it.” Ulrika widened her eyes with delight. “You must have been utterly dejected.”


“But, why come here?”

“Miss Polk was more of a daughter to me than me own blood.”

“Ah.” Ulrika nodded. “Still…didn’t you blame her for the death of your son?”

“I did. But, that was wrong. It was me own cruelty what sent Finlay wrong.”

“I’d love to have seen that.” Ulrika hugged herself. She turned around slightly and peered into the house.

“Do I hear the cry of babies?” Johnny asked.

“In a way.” Ulrika laughed. “That’s Miss Polk’s son.”

“I thought I heard two cries.” Johnny squinted.

“You did.” Ulrika smiled.

From within, a deep, weary voice—Orpha’s—called out. “Ulrika, let him in. I want him to meet Marduk.”

“Marduk?” Johnny asked.

“That’s the child’s name.”

“What sort of name is that?” Johnny asked.

“Royal.” Ulrika said proudly.

“I see.” Johnny nodded. “The lady said I could come in.”

“And so you shall, you sad little man. So you shall.” Ulrika opened the door wider.

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