Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square will Continue on Monday

Punch and Robert have not had the best of days.  First they discover that Fern has destroyed Gamilla's wedding gown--lashing out after Gamilla had told the Duke and the Doctor that Fern had taken Colin to an upper-story window.  After comforting Gamilla, the two go in search of Fern who cannot be found.  But, there's no time to look for her as Speaight announces Ulrika Rittenhouse and the murderous Giovanni Iantosca have arrived with an invitation for tea.  Robert and Punch assert that no one sent them such an invitation--though, privately, they feared that Gerard and Charles were up to some secret scheme--and sent the duo away.  Ulrika finds Fern hiding in the area and convinces the girl to come home with her.  Of course, Fern has another shock ahead of her as she, Ulrika and Giovanni enter Hamish house to find Orpha standing in front of Gerard and Charles with her hand cut off.

Charles and Gerard had gone to Hamish House to demand Orpha to leave.  Charles brought a cleaver, as one does, and when Orpha insulted Gamilla, things got a little heated and Gerard found himself with a bloody cleaver in his hand and Orpha's hand on the floor.  Orpha seemed to be unfazed by the injury and Charles gets Gerard and Fern out of there.

A one-handed Orpha is just as dangerous as one with two hands.  Furthermore, Ulrika and Giovanni are out for blood to punish Gerard for maiming the mother of their "messiah."  So, as one does, they decide to take Marduk to the Duke to ask for a trade of sorts.  I trust this won't go well.  

Furthermore, the new nursery maid is due that day.  Will this newcomer Ruthy fit seamlessly into the mix as Maudie did or will she notice that her new situation is in a less than usual household?

This week brings Punch face to faces with Marduk, finds Fern up to some new tricks, and causes some rockiness for Gerard and Gamilla.  Meanwhile, Charles has some family woes, Georgie finds himself smitten and Ethel gets herself into a terrible mess.  But, worse of all, Mr. Punch realizes that the danger to his family might be insurmountable unless he starts to take his Punchinello-duties seriously.

If you've missed a chapter, you can always catch up in the Chapter Archive.

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