Sunday, February 10, 2013

Coming this Week to Stalking the Belle Époque

With Valentine's Day close upon us, this week, we'll be looking at a host of romantic objects, glittering jewels and precious greetings.  I'll also share with you some antique Valentines from my own collection.

Meanwhile, Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square will continue with new chapters as the household still recovers from Jenny's murder.  Orpha finds an ally with a past connection to Mr. Punch, and, unfortunately for our heroes, their union will unleash a whole torrent of new wickedness on the residents of No. 65.  Furthermore, a misunderstanding will add fuel to Orpha's fire.  Also, look for Gerard and Gamilla's journey to the altar to continue to be difficult.

We will be off on Monday, February 11,  but we'll be back to business as usual on Tuesday.  I'm quite eager to share all of this with you.  

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