Thursday, February 28, 2013

Antique Image of the Day: Queen Alexandra When Princess of Wales with Three of Her Children, 1868


Tinted photograph of Queen Alexandra while
Princess of Wales with three of her children,
framed in a silver strut frame mimicking the Star of
the Order of the Garter.
The Royal Collection
 At first glance, this exquisite frame of silver and red and blue enamel appears to be simply an artistic reproduction of the Star of the Order of the Garter (1820). However, upon further inspection, you can see that the center of the star is hinged on either side and opens to reveal a photograph of Queen Alexandra (consort of King Edward VII) while she was still the Princess of Wales.

Also pictures are three of Alexandra and Edward’s children: Prince Albert Victor, Prince George and Princess Louise. The photograph has been carefully tinted and still retains much of the original color from 1868.

For comparison’s sake, here’s the real Star of the Order of the Garter which was created by Rundell, Bridge & Rundell.

Star of the Order of the Garter
Rundell, Bridge & Rundell
The Royal Collection

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