Friday, January 25, 2013

Print of the Day: Four Punchinellos Embracing a Female

Four Punchinellos Embracing a Female
Reproduction, 1953 of an original by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
The Harry Beard Collection at:
The Victoria & Albert Museum

We have looked at several drawings by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and his family in the past. These drawings depicted one of Tiepolo’s favorite subjects—Punchinello. To be exact…Punchinellos, many, humpy-backed Punchinellos--up to no good.

Here, dating to 1953 (the year of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II), we see a reproduction of a pen and grey wash image in which four Punchinellos are embracing a female. Clearly this is a reproduction of one of the Eighteenth Century words of Tiepolo.

All of the plucky Punchinellos are dressed identically in tall, conical hats and loose fitting tunics and trousers which are belted at the waist. The object of their ominous affections wears an equally tall hat trimmed with lace at the brim and a loose belted dress with collar.

We all know how much I like Punchinellos. Many live here with me. However, I don’t really think I’d like to be embraced by them. Who knows what they'd do to a person?

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