Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mastery of Design: The Diamond Curb Chain Bracelet, 1895

The Victoria & Albert Museum

This bracelet is formed of gold curb-chain links (oval and flattened), some of which are ornamented in diamonds.

Made in Paris around 1890 by Léon Gariod, this bracelet shows the elegance for which the designer was known.  The firm was originally founded by Gaucher and Tonnelier in 1859. Later, Gaucher became sole partner until he was  joined by Léon Gariod in 1875. By, 1884, the firm belonded to Gariod alone.  By the time this bracelet was made, Gariod was celebrated throughout Paris for his  articulated bracelets and matt gold chains decorated, as we see here, with gem stones.

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