Thursday, December 29, 2011

Antique Image of the Day: An Invitation to the Vauxhall Jubilee, 1786

The Victoria & Albert Museum

Here, we see a printed ticket for the “Vauxhall Jubilee” of 1786.  This event was a celebration of Spring Gardens' history.  Spring Gardens, Vauxhall, were situated at the south bank of the River Thames, in London.  The location allowed a safe spot for visitors to stroll among the trees on warm evenings.  There, they could listen to music and admire sights such as paintings, sculpture and recreated ruins.  Food and drink were plentiful for all of the guests who represented a wide spectrum of society--from royalty to servants.

This ticket has been authenticated with a seal and was signed and dated by Jonathan Tyers--the proprietor of the gardens—the son of Jonathan Tyers (died 1767), who originally opened the gardens in 1732.

The image depicted on this ticket is of the “Dark Walk”--one of several avenues of trees that on the manicured grounds of Spring Gardens.  This avenue was close enough to the festivities that the music could be heard, but far enough removed that  it allowed for less wholesome activities.

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