Thursday, January 13, 2011

Object of the Day: A Vintage Ceramic Westie

Artisans of the 1940’s had a penchant for making small vases out of figural subjects. These took the form of female heads with arcing eyebrows and heavy lashes to cheerful dogs. This 1940’s-era Westie has all the Hallmarks of the design of the time. His features have been exaggerated for maximum cuteness. The dog’s back features a hollow in which flowers could be arranged or a small plant potted. He could also be used for the storage of small objects.

Personally, I find him adorable just as he is. After nearly seventy years, he is not in service any longer, but rather, simply looks cute. With his lovely glaze and adorable hand-painted features, this is one dog who will always have his day.

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