Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What to Expect From Our Relaunch

We'll visit museums and The Royal Collection

Now that the posting drought is coming to a close, I thought I'd let our regular readers know what they can expect with the relaunch of Stalking the Belle Époque.  

Lots of Ephemera

Bertie will share some TV magic.
We'll take a closer look at my monumental collection of Victorian ephemera.  Since I've a cabinet full of antique scraps, trade cards, post cards and other chromolithographs which aren't doing much of anything, I thought I'd continue to scan them for your viewing pleasure.  My goal is to make this a daily feature.

Monday through Thursday will boast a new chapter of A Recipe for Punch, as we return to Yorkshire to catch up with Mr. Punch (The Duke of Fallbridge), his companion, Robert Halifax and their loyal, but often-tortured household.

We will continue our exploration of Europe's great art collections from my pals at The Royal Collection and The Victoria & Albert Museum to other museums which most of us don't get to visit on a regular (if ever) basis.

Puppets take center stage.

The history of puppetry, especially Punch & Judy, will remain a favorite topic as we take a look at the ways in which puppets and puppeteers have shaped entertainment as we know it.

The "What's Bertie Watching" feature will become a weekly staple as we take a look at some of the classic television shows which have shaped our current media landscape.

And, speaking of Bertie, he'll continue his romp through art history with his weekly feature of the "Gratuitous Bertie Dog Picture."

Our resident fashion cat, Oscar, will launch her own feature as she leads us through a study of the fashions which graced the runways of the past.  

Mr. Punch will continue to dominate Fridays with his own brand of fun and games, and, he'll host the "Treat of the Week" which will now anchor our Friday posts.

Oscar shares fashion history.

Weekends will focus on fun for the whole family with a look at classic film and animation and a discussion of the ways in which families of the past spent time together, relaxing and maintaining their homes.  This will include music, games, and glimpses into the home lives of those who came before us.

And, of course, every day will give us an opportunity to view the arts, both fine and domestic, which helped define past "Beautiful Eras" and which help us make our own beautiful era.

Of course, I reserve the right to throw in a few surprises here and there.  One never knows what I'll find.  I certainly am excited to see what I can share with you, and, especially excited to see what  you can share with me.

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