Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Photograph of the Day: The Dining Room (Francis Place) (II), 1997

Does this furniture polish have alcohol in it?  Hmm...tastes like I might die.
--Roger Smith

The Dining Room (Francis Place) (II)Sarah Jones, 1997
The Victoria & Albert Museum

Photographer Sarah Jones was born in London in 1959 and graduated from the MA Photography course at Goldsmiths College in 1996. Jones is celebrated as one of Britain’s leading contemporary artists and her work in carefully staged, large-scale color photographs has brought her considerable acclaim.   The photographs are almost life-size, accentuating the relationships between the subjects through their staging and proportions

Here we see an example of Jones’ work in this is engaging and elegant image of adolescent girls in a polished, posh setting reminiscent of Nineteenth Century portraiture.

The piece is called, “The Dining Room (Francis Place) (II),” and dates to 1997.

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