Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Painting of the Day: A Masked Lady, c. 1700

Study for a Masked Lady
Luca Carlevarijs, 1700
The Victoria & Albert Museum

Painted around 1700 by Luca Carlevarijs, this image is a study of a woman wearing a pink and white dress with a laced bodice and long sleeves. Notably, she is wearing a type of mask which is known as a “volto” or “larva” and is also holding a fan in her left hand. The mask is unusual in that it was held in place in the mouth by biting on a small piece which protruded from the back.

This is one of fifty-three sketches by Carlevarijs which the artist put together in an album. The group includes figures he appears to have painted in the open air in preparation for inclusion in other formal compositions. This figure is a study for a figure which appears in his painting “The Bucintoro Departing from S. Marco” which is now in The Getty Museum, Los Angeles. 

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