Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Drawing of the Day: Dinner Dress Ensemble; Field Rhoades Haute Couture, 1948-49

Design for a dinner ensemble.
Marjorie Field for Field Rhoades Couture
London, 1948-1949
The Victoria & Albert Museum 

Dating to 1948-49, this drawing is a fashion design for a black dinner dress ensemble consisting of a black sheath under a cerulean and peach bolero jacket, trimmed with black bobble passementerie.

The gown was designed by Marjorie Field for the haute couture firm Field Rhoades of London.  A type-written description of the ensemble is included with the drawing in order to specify the materials required.  Field intended that the gown should be made of crepe while the jacket would be constructed of slipper satin. 

This drawing is one of twelve in an album which Field assembled between 1948 and 1949 to present to her partners at Field Rhoades—allowing the firm to select the designs, colors and materials which they desired for the couture collection. 

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