Sunday, March 23, 2014

Print of the Day: The Spider, c. 1927

The Spider
Lily Blatherwick, c. 1927
The British Museum

Lily Blatherwick (1859 - 1934), a printmaker, was also known as Lily Hatrick. She was the wide of Archibald Standish Hartrick (1864-1950and had the good fortune of having enjoyed two interesting names in her lifetime. The artistic couple lived comfortably in Gloucestershire where they focused their attention on their work and on one another. While Archibald occupied himself with landscape painting and illustration, they both shared an interest in lithography as well as the growing Art Nouveau style.

This work by Lily is a nifty and eerie example of her work. Printed in 1927 and known as either “The Spider” or “A Study of a Spider on Web,” the image shows Lily’s love of haunting imagery with a combination of bold and ethereal lines. Before her death, Lily donated this print to the British Museum.

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