Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gifts of Grandeur: Pendant of the Dwarf God Bes, c. 600 BC

Pendant of the Dwarf God Bes
Egypt, c. 600 BC
The Victoria & Albert Museum

I confess, I picked this jewel for today because I was tickled by the title of “The Dwarf God Bes.” Bes, it seems, was an Egyptian deity of music, war and childbirth. I’m not sure how all of those things go together, but there you have it. Oh, and, yes, he was also a dwarf. And, he was thought to be good luck. Charms of Bes were placed around the home to protect the house and pendants such as this one were worn to protect the wearer during war, childbirth, or…um…music. Again, they don’t really go together. But, who am I to argue with a dwarf god? 

This pendant is constructed of gold and adorned with glazed steatite. It was made in Egypt between 600BC-100BC.

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