Friday, January 10, 2014

Painting of the Day: A Rustic Show, 1852

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Watercolor Sketch
Charles James Lewis
England, 1852
The Victoria & Albert Museum

Created in 1852 by Charles James Lewis (1830-1892), this watercolor sketch shows a group gathered in a country village to watch a Punch and Judy show. Lewis clearly wished to not only highlight the puppet show, but to show the crowd’s reaction to it in conjunction with the daily activities of life.

Here, we see people paused in their common daily chores to enjoy a moment of frivolity. Meanwhile, some children—curious about how Punch works—peep into the booth to spy the Professor.

Charles James Lewis, RI was known both for his watercolor works as well as his charming and handsome oil paintings. He specialized in landscapes with a decided leaning toward the rustic. His paintings were celebrated for their detail and sensitivity.

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