Thursday, November 28, 2013

Holiday Posting Schedule

It’s “Thanks-a-ma-giving” here in the U.S. And, yes, that’s how I refer to the holiday, because…well…because of Homer Simpson, mostly.  Besides, if you have been sniffing around here since 2010, you know I am just more than a little peculiar...part of my charm, or something.

Bertie and Mr. Punch insist that I take a few days off. Even the manx, Stumpy, and the giant orange cat, Oscar, who live in my back yard have let it be known that I might benefit from a wee break. 

And so as to prevent myself from Bertie's furry wrath and in order to avoid repeated blows to my head from a slapstick-wielding puppet (and there’s no telling what a cat with no tail and a twenty pound feline would do to me), I’d best cooperate.

So, we’ll be on hiatus until Monday...or, maybe Tuesday...of next week when it’s back to business as usual.

And, don’t be surprised if Mr. Punch has something to say about his thirdThanksgiving!

Also, Happy Hanukkah! And, to our overseas's November.   So, hooray for you, too!

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