Friday, September 6, 2013

Drawing of the Day: The Polish Mr. Punch, 1991

"Polish Version of Mr. Punch," 1991
The George Speaight Archive
The Victoria & Albert Museum

This drawing portrays the Polish version of Mr. Punch.  Poland’s Punch wears a different costume from the traditional red cap and ruffed coat that we associate with Punch or the black mask and white pajamas of Punch’s Italian ancestor, Pulcinella. 

Poland’s Punch wears a multi-colored robe with over-sized long sleeves which trail over his hands. 

This image was sent to famed theatre historian George Speaight from Adam Kilian in 1991. This Mr. Punch does demonstrate Punch’s traditional hunchback, but he wears Pulcinella’s mask.  It is marked:

'Polish vevrsion/ of Mr. Punch'
'Poppenkst v/d Dam-Amsterdam' Puppet show in Dam Square, Amsterdam.’

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