Friday, July 26, 2013

"Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square" will Continue on Monday

Now that Gerard has discovered that Gamilla is missing, he has immediately concluded that his bride-to-be is in the (three) hands of Orpha Polk and Ulrika Rittenhouse.

As Lennie accompanies Gerard to look for Gamilla, the new Lady Fallbridge finds that her past traumas aren't as far away as she thinks.  Meanwhile, Gerard realizes that Orpha is holding a grudge for his little mistake of cutting off her hand.

Grudges are also the order of the day for our heroes, Punch and Robert, as well.  They've both spent too long dealing with Ulrika and her kind, especially Punch who owes his very appearance to the torture Julian received as a child from Agnes Rittenhouse.

Individual factions of the household must fight their own battles before they can come together to save Gamilla.  Each resident of No. 65. from Ethel to the Duke, will have a part to play in this.  Along the way, they'll find some unlikely allies and some surprising truths will be revealed.

Come back on Monday for the next chapter of Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square!

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