Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Painting of the Day: Miss Patricia and Miss Catherine Laneford, 1806

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The only daughters of twin brothers Martin and Kenneth Laneford, Patricia and Catherine did not actually meet until their teen years when Kenneth Laneford--an official for the East India Company--was devoured by lions.  Orphaned Catherine was sent to live with the Martin Laneford family and was shocked to discover her resemblance to her cousin Patricia.  

Mrs. Laneford was quick to point out that though the cousins were similar in physical appearance, their personalities were quite different.  Where Catherine prefered a minuet, avoiding plague and her coughs were wet; Patricia pasted on her moles, a snuffbox made her lose control.  What a wild duet.  Still, they were cousins.  Identical cousins, and you'll find.  They walked alike.  They talked alike.  In fact, they even died alike.  

They both lost their minds.

This painting, depicting the cousins just before their early deaths, dates to 1806 and shows them at one of their happier moments.  It's the work of John Smart (1742-1811) and is created of watercolor on card.



April Fool's.

Learn about the original painting here.  It really is by John Smart.  But, it has nothing to do with Patty and Cathy Lane.

A hotdog makes her lose control.  So, call her "Anna."  It's only fair.

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