Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Treat of the Week: Banana Bread and Brisket


Ah, Florida.  Sunshine and sand. Rest and retirement. Beaches and brisket.  

To quote the great ones...

I have to say what I feel, Miami has so much appeal.
A great place to get a seafood meal. 


Miami, Miami, you've got style. 

Blue sky, sunshine, white sand by the mile.
When you live in this town, each day is sublime. 

The coldest of winters are warm and divine.

Miami, Miami, you've got style. 

Blue sky, sunshine, white sand by the mile.

Hit it...

There's ball clubs and night clubs, all within reach.
Dance the samba 'till morning, then lie on the beach.
Each view is a postcard, each day a great time.
The cream of the crop, it's the top of the line.

Miami, Miami, you've got style. 

Blue sky, sunshine, white sand by the mile.
Miami, you've got style!

But, back to the brisket.

This weekend, Bertie and I found my mother's and father's kitchen table bedecked with a lovely cloth from the late 1920's/early 1930's--a pastel-hued souvenir of Florida, bedecked with palm trees and Floridian points of interest.  This would serve as a perfect backdrop for a  delicious dinner fit for your favorite beef-lover, fancier of hearty meals or, even, retiree.

Brisket.  Ah, yes.  Brisket.  But, this wasn't just any brisket.  This was a brisket that would make any mother proud--marinated to perfection, fork-tender and served with a thick, savory gravy.  Accompanied by purple cabbage, cheddar cheese mashed potatoes and a nice crusty bread, this was a stick-to-your ribs meal which was ideal for this lengthy winter.

After last week's decadent Valentine's Day tea, this week's dessert was, as my mother put it, "a little simpler."  However, it was nonetheless lovely.  A rich, dense banana bread--a favorite of mine, and a particular favorite of Bertie's.  This handsome loaf was adorned with nuts.  Sliced, we enjoyed it with cream cheese.  Bertie and I got to take our own loaf home!  We are not going to share it with Bertie's cat.


Renee said...

Beautiful! This is my idea of a good time!

Sam P said...

Only you would think of and know the words to the Miami song and associate it with brisket. The brisket looks really good btw. Yum.

April said...

I love brisket. I was raised on brisket. I AM BRISKET!!! I also love that table cloth. I am also fond of banana bread. And cabbage.

Gene said...

That's a good looking brisket. I like a good brisket. I never get good brisket. I wish I did.

Matt said...

That would be a very nice dinner for me today. I could use a full belly. Looks really good!

Beth Ann said...

I haven't made a brisquit in forEVER. I really should get one this weekend. Your mom always gives me such good ideas.

Wendy said...

Banana bread is one of my favorites too!

Angelo said...

Whoh!!! Looks good to me!!!!!!

Gregg said...

Mmmmm...I want to dig right in.

Book Gurl said...

Cute presentation with the table cloth. Nothing beats a good brisket. All looks great!

Carolyn said...

This would be Sunday dinner when I was a little girl. I miss it. Luv banana bread! Your mom's looks perfectly perfect.