Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square, Chapter 363

Chapter 363
Handling Trouble

"Well, really."  Ulrika shook her head as she and Orpha entered the room where Marduk lay sleeping.  "It wasn't the window that was broken at all."  She sighed.  "How tiresome."

"No, Miss."  Johnny Donnan replied.  "It was I.  I dropped one of the empty bottles."

"Johnny, did you see the little witch?"  Orpha asked.

"Went to her cupboard."  Johnny nodded, not taking his eyes off of the two women.  

"Mr. Iantosca needs your help downstairs."  Orpha continued.


"Hurry."  Orpha growled.  

Johnny nodded and went downstairs, scowling once he was out of Orpha's and Ulrika's sight. He arrived in the parlor to see Giovanni impotently aiming a pistol at the Duke of Fallbridge, Lord Colinshire, Lady Fallbridge, Gerard, Gamilla and Maudie.

"What's all this?"  Johnny asked.

"Good,"  Giovanni barked.  "Come and help me."

Johnny looked at the row of people who stood across from Giovanni.   His eye's met Lennie's and, for once, she didn't look away from her father.

"Aye,"  Johnny replied after awhile.  "I'll help ya, lad."  He walked over to Giovanni and extended a hand.  "Give me the pistol, then."

Giovanni nodded, handing over the pistol.

"Right."  Johnny smiled, grasping the handle of the gun.  

"Keep 'em here."  Giovanni ordered.

"Aye,"  Johnny nodded.  "I could do that.  Or, I could do...this."  With that, he raised the pistol and struck Giovanni across the skull with it.  Giovanni fell to the floor with a loud thud.

Quickly turning, Johnny hurried to the Duke.

"Your Grace,"  Johnny urged.  "Please leave and take all these fine folk with ya."

Punch nodded.  "We will.  But, first, I want to free Fern.  Gerard, take Gamilla, Maude and Lady Fallbridge home while His Lordship and I go after Miss Fern."

"Punch, I'm not leaving you." Lennie shook her head

"Nor are we, Your Grace."  Gerard added.

"There,"  Lennie laughed.  "You see.  None of us are leaving you."

"Aye, Miss,"  Johnny pleaded.  "Your brother is right.  You'd do well to listen.  This ain't no place for ya."

"I'm not leaving that little girl to be mistreated the way...."  Lennie began, but trailed off.

"Come, then, before Giovanni wakes."  Robert smiled.

"Besides, I'd like a few parting words with Orpha."  Lennie muttered as they all climbed the stairs.

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