Friday, December 28, 2012

Object of the Day, Museum Edition: Mr. Punch and the Constable

"If I hit you, will you promise not to hit me?"
The George Speaight Archive
The Victoria & Albert Museum

This late Nineteenth Century postcard illustrates Mr. Punch and the puppet character od the  Constable.  Part of the George Speaight Punch & Judy Collection at the V&A, this postcard is one of a series portraying Mr. Punch in various scenes from his traditional puppet play.

Each of the postcards in the series features Mr. Punch as an independent cut-out which can be manipulated by moving a paper handle on the reverse. In this scene, he is fighting with the Constable who also holds a wooden stick and a candle holder.

The text reads:

“Punch: If I hit you, will/ you promise not to hit me?”

Reasonable, and very Punch-like logic there.

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